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August 1, 2011, 1:45 pm
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Angry Boys. Proper funny.

Made a few new good contacts. Wrote a rubbish song that got put in the bin. Had a BBQ. Ran 10 miles. Not in that order!

Chilling out tonight – woop woop.

Chin chin,


Boys and their…
July 28, 2011, 4:08 pm
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…demo’s of toys.

Playing with the demo of geist by fxpansion at the moment. Looks like it’ll be a purchase if I can find the coffers!

Chris Brown – Beautiful People
Alexis Jordon – Hush Hush
Beastie Boys – Lee Majors Come Again

Mixing tonight if I can face staying in doors when the sun is shining. We’re writing too quick at the moment. Two definate keepers ready to mix, one maybe that needs work and mixing plus about 3 songs in the pipeline that are really good.

That’ll do for now.

Chin chin,


Start as you…
July 18, 2011, 2:35 pm
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…mean to go on, eh? I went away again. This blog tends to generally be a post saying “Oh, I’ve just had some time off!” Said time off was lovely but being back in the 9-5 is a bit of a killer today.

Camilla is recording some more vocals for us tonight. It be a good song indeed so looking forward to hearing it with the right vocal.

I got a new phone.

Queens Of The Stone Age have a new channel on You Tube, loads of amazing vids on there

Chin chin,


That was a long ten weeks…
July 7, 2011, 12:16 pm
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…wasn’t it? I travelled. I returned. I moved. I got a new day job. K and I wrote some more songs. We found a new singer for female demos. I got engaged. Plus, I forgot about this place. Then I googled moosmusic and remembered it. With a spare 5 minutes I thought I’d say hello. Hello.

Blogs are yesterday’s news I hear and I guess I’m living proof of that. However, I think I’ll resurrect this one as it motivates me a bit and acts as a jobs list when I jot down all the stuff I’m gonna do.

Twitter must surely be on the verge of slipping into yesterday’s news too. Still Kris does that @moosmusic etc. Well, he does when PC World aren’t turning his laptop into an expensive table decoration.

I’m sure there could be many funny tales to insert here about the last 2 years but this all about the here and now so we won’t back fill. Apart from last night. We can go back that far. Camilla The Singer (that sounds a bit like a lap dancers name doesn’t it?) came round to record some vocals for a new song. Unmixed it sounds f’ing ace so the finisher article will be a bit special me thinks. Camilla has a marvellous voice but mainly sings live so sometime BVs can be a bit of a challange for her. I don’t know what geed (is that how you spell g’d?) her up last night but something clicked and we have a chorus that sounds like a female Lenny Kravitz. She just needs to grow herself a ‘fro now and we’re sorted.

That’ll do you for now then. I’ll try and pop back a few times a week with an update, amusing anecdote or just a link to something cool like.

Chin chin,


2 1/2 weeks to Summer shut down!
August 26, 2009, 4:32 pm
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The manor’s sale completed and I’m the proud owner of a bigger bank balance until Pickle and I pick the new manor residence.

The meeting with the management company went very well. It was a very bizarre day due to the fact that two big lumps from the county look a bit out of place under hot spot lights in a swanky London reception area. Listening to our work in front of them was a bit hard but very insightful and we got some great constructive critisism. They came across as a great company to work with and were very honest with their thoughts and advice. I think I know where we’re heading now in our quest to write the perfect pop song – no point setting your targets too low eh?

Although we have lots of work to do to get our career well and truly on it’s way, that won’t stop me taking 10 weeks off and relaxing – for that is the Dunc way!

In 2 1/2 weeks I’ll be off to California; then it’s back home the long way stopping off at New Zealand, Australia and finally Tokyo. Now the manor sale is all done and dusted I’m starting to really look forward to the trip and I’m getting stuck into the guide books. Although it’s a bit frustrating to have a bit of time off just as things start to move a bit quicker I can’t wait to experience all the stuff the world is gonna chuck at me. Hopefully said thrown stuff will include the inspiration for a hit song or six.

9 mile cycle home now to the lovely Neil and Rachel’s place – the kind new owners of two homeless hobos.

Kris showed me some of The Eagles of Death Metal’s stuff the other day. I seem to love everything Josh Homme touches.

Apart from the new Arctic Monkey’s single – hey ho, stick to what you know.

Chin chin,


Still all go…
August 18, 2009, 3:31 pm
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…and it ain’t that slow. Less than a week left officially at the manors – moving to Neil and Rach’s on the weekend. Packing everynight this week. Meeting this Friday with a publisher. New strings on Look What You Do To Me. Lots to sort out. Stuff get sorted for my little adventure.

Chin chin,


It’s all go…
August 11, 2009, 4:12 pm
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…at the mo!

What with the moos manors shift, the 9-5 being jacked in, the temporary studio being in the back of beyond (i.e. Tewkesbury) things are pretty hectic.

Two weeks left in the manors. Four weeks left at work. Five weeks left in the country!

Kris came over to the makeshift studio on Saturday. We had Chinesse with my sis, bro-in-law, and nieces and got quite a bit of work done. I reckon we’ll have five new songs to take to the meeting that I may or may not have mentioned.

The songs being:

  • Look What You Do To Me (still needing work on the mix)
  • Getting it Right (all done and sounding funky)
  • Funky Q (being delivered as an instrumental for co-write)
  • The Sleeping Menstrual (4 to the floor dance tune needing words and mixing)
  • Piano Lurve (An uptempo ballad?? needing words and mixing)

Quite a bit to do then while I’m moving house eh? Stop talking and get on with it then, yes?

Chin chin,


P.S. Yes, the last two songs are working titles

This week I have mostly been…
August 7, 2009, 4:43 pm
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  • Exchanging contracts on moos manors
  • Handing in the old notice at the day job
  • Rearranging meetings
  • Daydreaming of travels

Off for an early night tonight, last weekend is still making me tired!

Chin chin,


moos manors is being vacated…
August 5, 2009, 4:02 pm
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…memorabilia is for sale on ebay. Go on, you know you want an original Star Wars figure of Boba Fett and Porridge Face.

While the moos camp is between permanent homes the good ship moos has set up it’s make shift studio at the Eeles Senior’s residence. There are a few pros and cons to this.


  • It’s a larger room
  • Ma and Pa will keep the food and water coming
  • A change is good


  • I don’t know the room (sound wise)
  • It’s in Tewkesbury

Before moos finds a new fixed abode I’ll be off on a little adventure. Actually it’s a great adventure – maybe I should get Kris to write an Oompa-Loompa song about it.

Off to do a mini mix of songs tonight to ensure someone gets thoroughly embarrassed!

Chin chin,


The song situ…
July 28, 2009, 1:41 pm
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…a new song came about very quickly the other day, it’s got a title already and everything. In fact it’s finished already including the final mix – it’s called ‘Getting It Right’. There’s quite a funky groove to it and if we could pick someone to sing it I think we’d go for Will Young  – there’s a little challenge for us.

‘Look What You Do To Me’ is so nearly there but the final mix is doing my head in. I think I need to go back to the drawing board on it maybe as I think it’ll sound really strong once it’s nailed.

‘Dance Strut Sweat Strip’ has gone back a step. We love the instrumental but our lyric and vocal melody need improving. Maybe this track will end up being a co-write as a fresh pair of ears over it might just step it up a gear. At least we’re not being precious and our quality control is working.

Started a new song on Saturday which is obviously untitled. It’s looking to be our first 4-on-the-floor dance floor anthem; move over Eric Pridz or however it is that is in with the Ibiza dwellers at the moment.

Off to the Royal Oak tonight for a bite to eat with the fam – happy days!

Chin chin,