the ongoing adventures at moosmusic

I won’t bore you with too many details, but the gist is this…
October 6, 2008, 1:30 pm
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…Kristen plays guitar and sings and writes songs. He’s played in bands and also done some solo stuff. I’ve (I being Hector) been making music for about 3 years in the electronic domain; before that I wrote rhymes, rapped and played about with records.


In the summer of 2006 Kris contacted me and asked if I fancied having a crack at making a tune with him. Foolishly l said yes and he popped round with his guitar and we knocked out a song called Good Riddance. I didn’t want to call it that because riddance is a hard word to spell. Kris got his way though by letting me eat the last mini-donut out of the pack from Tesco.


Since then we’ve:

·     Decided to record an album together of some of Kristen’s solo stuff,

·     Decided to release said album ourselves,

·     Thought up the genius name of ‘moosmusic’,

·     Thought up the genius name of ‘Great Adventures’ for the album,

·     Spent far to long mixing the album and tweaking little bits and bobs,

·     Started to strip down the songs to get a live thing going.

Still to do:

·     Figure out a marketing plan and release the bloody thing,

·     Book some gigs and start playing some songs.


That’s the story so far; obviously I’ve trimmed it down a bit because all of that has taken two years. From now on most posts will be up to date info about what we’re getting up to now. You know, little nuggets of info like last night I popped round to the K-Bombs with Pickle to pick up some CDs and drank well over half of the bottle of wine we were sharing. Kris is round on Tuesday to reasearch some venues for us to approach for the live stuff, so i’ll let you know how we got on at some point on Wednesday. Until then…


Chin chin




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