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December 1, 2008, 7:46 pm
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…and I don’t mean use lyrics that Hitler would be proud of. Kris and I went back to basics on the weekend are re-assessed our song writing methods. We both right well when alone but hadn’t really done much stuff as a true collaboration where we can really bounce ideas off of each other. We’re on a mission to write some really catchy stuff whilst trying to expand our musical boundaries and figured locking ourselves in a room together might improve what we can come up with.

We set ourselves a few questions we should always ask when writing (a sort of quality control), and then got to work on a new song. I’m sure our working methods will evolve over time whilst we figure out the best way to work together but Saturday went quite smoothly. We sat in the studio and came up with a very simple beat idea and wrote a bass line that was simple yet funky. After working out a rough idea of structure Kris laid down some vocal melody ideas with a few ‘la la oohs’. We then packed up and went back to the K-Bombs to write the lyrics, figuring a change of environment might prove beneficial. Also, leaving the studio means Kris will focus on the lyrics rather than wanting to twiddle the knobs of some unplugged piece of kit. Move over Xenomania!

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