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You get to hear this…
January 29, 2009, 3:46 pm
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…before Kris.

Although Kris is the only person to read this, so infact ‘you’ are Kris. Therefore this isn’t really a blog post, but more a method of communication with the K-Bomb. Anyway, here’s the news.

I’ve got the test mp3 back from a lady vocalist who’s helping us with SONG B. It sounds pretty corking, so as long as Kris / you agree it’s time for the final mix (the final mix will include some backing vocals recorded by my good friend Etta, so if you ever read this – thanks Bab.)Then it’s time to start shipping the two song demo to try and get some publishing interest, we better get our research glasses on.

On another note, SONG C is underway. The verse, chorus and bridge sections of instrumentation are pretty much written. We’ve also got a good idea of the vocal melody and meter. So its round to the K-Bombs tonight to get the lyrics sorted.

Oh, one other thing to mention. Round at Darren’s one night a few months ago (which was actually the night we decided to revamp our songwriting plan) Kris and I were forced to listen to some of Darren’s record collection.

  • The good bits: Old ACDC, John Bonham raw drum tracks, The Black Keys.
  • Bad bits: Tom Waits, Jonny Cash, The Stooges (Is it a wall of sound or a wall of shit??)
  • Undecided: A little known at the time called Gary Go. He’s now all over the Radio and while I’m still unsure about his music, his marketing and PR absolutely kicks arse. Make up your own mind. And on that note…

Chin chin



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