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It’s about to go…
April 24, 2009, 3:29 pm
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…diggy diggy down.

Went to Kris’ last night to show him Song C as it now is with female vocals courtesy of Miz Agata. If you’re ever in need of a session singer give her a shout, she knows what the deal is and is super professional.

Song D is on the back burner and will probably get a whole new vocal melody as it ain’t quite there at the mo.

Song E is finished apart from the final mix, and it’s an absolute nod-to-the-80’s corker. Now we at moos don’t follow trends so it’s not a nod-to-the-80’s a al MGMT evoking electro synth. Oh no, this is more like a nod-to-the-80’s a la A-Ha and all that other melodic goodness.

Song F was actually started by me which is rare. It revolves around an undisclosed sample at the moment but I think I’ll get my guitar monkey to replay it.

That’ll do for now.

Chin chin,


PS: If you go to look at Kris’ blog you’ll see he is supremely week and not written anything for yonks. Who am I to talk though eh!


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