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The end of the song alphabet…
May 8, 2009, 3:15 pm
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…cataloging system is upon us!

I’m sick of calling the songs ‘Song A-Z’ so from now on we’ll stick with their proposed names, okay?

To clarify where we are:

Song A = Amplified. This is finished!

Song B = Kiss Me Better. This is finished!

Song C = Get Gone. This is finished!

Song D = Untitled. No, we’re not being all post-modern and calling it that – we’re not pretentious twats. It’s called Funky Q in the studio but it’ll have a real name eventually. IE. Once we’ve written some pissing lyrics to it.

Song E = Art Of Breaking Hearts. This just needs the final mix doing so should be finished this coming week. I think it’s our strongest song to date. It has a A-B structure for the verses and the B is better than most choruses out there in my opinion. Obviously the actual chorus shits on all other choruses out there as we are great.

Had a wait getting the vocals back from the session singer for Get Gone, then i took an age to mix it. Back to getting the CDs out this weekend though as there are a few leads I’m quite optimistic about.

It’s Jay’s stag do tomorrow so the K-Bomb and I are working Sunday morning this weekend. We’ll probably be working on the lyrics to Song F. Sorry, old habits die hard. We’ll probably be working on the lyrics to Look What You Do To Me (although this is only a title based on the scat vocal melody we did when we wrote the music, and i think we all agree that as a title it sucks. I’ll get the K-Bomb Cock Cutter to think of a new one on Sunday.)

Chin chin,



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