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It’s been a good weekend too…
May 19, 2009, 2:16 pm
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… so my toast at the end of the last post was very profetic. Is that a word? I seriously doubt it.

The weekend went like this:

  • Friday – Out for a bite to eat with the Pickle which was both delicious and nutritious
  • Saturday – Finished the mix of ‘Art or Breaking Hearts’ (it’s sounding stonking) and went to Davey P’s for a few hands of Poker. El vino did flow.
  • Sunday – Recorded the vocals for ‘Look What You Do To Me’.

I think the  title ‘Look What You Do To Me’ is far from our strongest but there’s a sample of that line peppered right through the song so it wouldn’t make much sense to call the track anything else. Anyway, it’s my favourite song at the moment, but it’s not exactly a pop song so I’m not sure where we could place it. Who knows though, maybe it’ll be our biggest success so lets get it dusted.

A couple more good leads this week thanks to a friendly chap called Pete.

The drummer girl Flick is also passing a few demos about for us now; what a lovely girl she is!

Off to get some coffee now.

Listen to Nikka Costa

Chin chin,



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