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Save our soul…
June 9, 2009, 12:47 pm
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… or pop song.

Kris and I learnt a school boy lesson on Sunday that I for one have learnt on many occasions in the past. If I heard somebody moan about losing some work or a song because they hadn’t saved or back-up properly I’d think ‘what an idiot, you deserve all the bad luck you get’. So why oh why didn’t I hit save at at least one point during our morning of creating?

Basically we we’re working really quickly and knocked out a verse, chorus, bridge etc with out much effort; it was one of those sessions where everything just clicks and you work so quickly. So quickly that you get impatient with a soft-synth taking too long to open, make a few too many mouse clicks, watch the synth crash, then watch Logic crash, then joke about loosing the whole song, then re-open Logic and look at a blank song, then scratch your head, then cry like Baby Buntins.

BACK UP and SAVE you idiots.

When’s Harry Hill’s TV Burp back? Oh I miss the good things in life.

Chin chin,



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