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It’s all go…
August 11, 2009, 4:12 pm
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…at the mo!

What with the moos manors shift, the 9-5 being jacked in, the temporary studio being in the back of beyond (i.e. Tewkesbury) things are pretty hectic.

Two weeks left in the manors. Four weeks left at work. Five weeks left in the country!

Kris came over to the makeshift studio on Saturday. We had Chinesse with my sis, bro-in-law, and nieces and got quite a bit of work done. I reckon we’ll have five new songs to take to the meeting that I may or may not have mentioned.

The songs being:

  • Look What You Do To Me (still needing work on the mix)
  • Getting it Right (all done and sounding funky)
  • Funky Q (being delivered as an instrumental for co-write)
  • The Sleeping Menstrual (4 to the floor dance tune needing words and mixing)
  • Piano Lurve (An uptempo ballad?? needing words and mixing)

Quite a bit to do then while I’m moving house eh? Stop talking and get on with it then, yes?

Chin chin,


P.S. Yes, the last two songs are working titles

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