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That was a long ten weeks…
July 7, 2011, 12:16 pm
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…wasn’t it? I travelled. I returned. I moved. I got a new day job. K and I wrote some more songs. We found a new singer for female demos. I got engaged. Plus, I forgot about this place. Then I googled moosmusic and remembered it. With a spare 5 minutes I thought I’d say hello. Hello.

Blogs are yesterday’s news I hear and I guess I’m living proof of that. However, I think I’ll resurrect this one as it motivates me a bit and acts as a jobs list when I jot down all the stuff I’m gonna do.

Twitter must surely be on the verge of slipping into yesterday’s news too. Still Kris does that @moosmusic etc. Well, he does when PC World aren’t turning his laptop into an expensive table decoration.

I’m sure there could be many funny tales to insert here about the last 2 years but this all about the here and now so we won’t back fill. Apart from last night. We can go back that far. Camilla The Singer (that sounds a bit like a lap dancers name doesn’t it?) came round to record some vocals for a new song. Unmixed it sounds f’ing ace so the finisher article will be a bit special me thinks. Camilla has a marvellous voice but mainly sings live so sometime BVs can be a bit of a challange for her. I don’t know what geed (is that how you spell g’d?) her up last night but something clicked and we have a chorus that sounds like a female Lenny Kravitz. She just needs to grow herself a ‘fro now and we’re sorted.

That’ll do you for now then. I’ll try and pop back a few times a week with an update, amusing anecdote or just a link to something cool like.

Chin chin,



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