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This week I have mostly been…
August 7, 2009, 4:43 pm
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  • Exchanging contracts on moos manors
  • Handing in the old notice at the day job
  • Rearranging meetings
  • Daydreaming of travels

Off for an early night tonight, last weekend is still making me tired!

Chin chin,



moos manors is being vacated…
August 5, 2009, 4:02 pm
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…memorabilia is for sale on ebay. Go on, you know you want an original Star Wars figure of Boba Fett and Porridge Face.

While the moos camp is between permanent homes the good ship moos has set up it’s make shift studio at the Eeles Senior’s residence. There are a few pros and cons to this.


  • It’s a larger room
  • Ma and Pa will keep the food and water coming
  • A change is good


  • I don’t know the room (sound wise)
  • It’s in Tewkesbury

Before moos finds a new fixed abode I’ll be off on a little adventure. Actually it’s a great adventure – maybe I should get Kris to write an Oompa-Loompa song about it.

Off to do a mini mix of songs tonight to ensure someone gets thoroughly embarrassed!

Chin chin,


The song situ…
July 28, 2009, 1:41 pm
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…a new song came about very quickly the other day, it’s got a title already and everything. In fact it’s finished already including the final mix – it’s called ‘Getting It Right’. There’s quite a funky groove to it and if we could pick someone to sing it I think we’d go for Will Young  – there’s a little challenge for us.

‘Look What You Do To Me’ is so nearly there but the final mix is doing my head in. I think I need to go back to the drawing board on it maybe as I think it’ll sound really strong once it’s nailed.

‘Dance Strut Sweat Strip’ has gone back a step. We love the instrumental but our lyric and vocal melody need improving. Maybe this track will end up being a co-write as a fresh pair of ears over it might just step it up a gear. At least we’re not being precious and our quality control is working.

Started a new song on Saturday which is obviously untitled. It’s looking to be our first 4-on-the-floor dance floor anthem; move over Eric Pridz or however it is that is in with the Ibiza dwellers at the moment.

Off to the Royal Oak tonight for a bite to eat with the fam – happy days!

Chin chin,


The water in Mallorca…
July 21, 2009, 3:55 pm
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…don’t taste as nice as the local wines. Ice cold Muscat = yumm.

The pickle and I had a corking week in Mallorca. Not the Mallorca that is like Blackpool with Sun. The Mallorca on the other side of the island with beautiful coastlines, quaint villages and ports and idyllic mountains.  It really was bliss. I thought I’d get a load of writing done but I totally switched off from music. It was nice not to think about it for a while as it sort of recharged my batteries. In fact the only music I heard for the first 5 days on the island was the busking accordion player. Maybe that”s why I forgot about music.

Now I’m back at it; the next post will bring us up to speed with the song situation.

Chin chin,


coming to you live…
July 17, 2009, 1:42 pm
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…live… live…


  • Kristeeeeeen has got himself a laptop, audio interface and Ableton Live LE
  • Dunc had got himself a certificate saying he can cook seafood
  • Pickle has got herself some home grown broad beans
  • Cat has got herself a new dress from French Connection – how posh is she?

Kris has decided to kit himself at home so he can work while I’m away (I’m a jet-setter don’t you know), hence his new purchases. They we’re initially intended to just be a stop gap to get rough ideas down but Live looks like it may be quite an addition to our creative arsenal. And it’s only the LE version! It’s pitch and time algorithms kick Logic’s arse so that for one will get used in the studio. It’s also really intuitive in terms of arrangement so I’m sure we’ll dive deeper into it.

I had a lovely time learning how to prepare and cook seafood. Although the downside was I had to kill a crab. I’ll never watch Spongebob again.

Pickle got given some broad beans by a colleague who doesn’t speak – how weird. She’ll get a yummy pea and bean risotto as a reward (Pickle, not the mute lady).

I haven’t seen Cat’s dress but apparently it’s lovely. It was reduced in a sale so it turns out she’s not as posh as we thought.

Service will resume normally next week with highlights of Mallorca, publishers and songs.

 Chin chin,


June 17, 2009, 9:31 am
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…Once upon a time the boys at moos manors got tired of posting their cds out to would be publishers and thought ‘who else would we like feedback from?’ Although sending a batch out to friends and family seemed like the best chance of getting a warm response, the boys decided not to be cowardly custards and that if they wanted the best honest feedback they should ask the harshest critics. But who is a song’s harshest critic? The boys pondered this for a few hours. And then it hit them. Who better than another songwriter? (Especially if they’ve written a good tune or two.)

If you’re reading this story you’re probably a songwriter. You’re also a good one, in moos’ opinion so well done! If you we’re intrigued enough to read this, go a step further and unravel the whole moostery by popping the cd in and pressing play. That way you’ll be rewarded by Santa at Christmas and you may well win on the horses if you have a flutter, as karma works in strange ways. The next moostery layer to unravel is up to you, as the boys at moos are waiting to hear your thoughts. Leave a comment or drop them a line, and complete the moostery tale.

Chin chin

Your Narrator

Disclaimer: No children or animals were harmed in the creation of this story.

Quick newsflash…
June 16, 2009, 4:54 pm
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…mystery moos tomorrow. Hols next week. Ricky Tomlinson was shit. I’m tired.

Chin chin,